By Nelson Groom and Jack Rees

A former vegan who lost nearly half his body weight after switching to a “carnivore diet” of nothing but raw liver, mince and bone marrow believes the move saved his life.

American Andrew Graf, 26, was obese and battling anxiety before he ditched plants for an all-meat diet believed to train the body to run on fat rather than carbohydrates.

PIC FROM Andrew Graf / Caters News

And after he began shedding pounds, the Texan entomologist decided to take things to the next level by limiting his consumption to cover only raw meats – and he’s showing no signs of turning back.

Now, Andrew feels like a new man after dropping from 21st 4lbs to a slimline 13st 5lbs – and claims his controversial diet has also seem him enjoy reduced inflammation, blood pressure and increased libido and mental clarity.

Andrew, whose relatives are now following in his footsteps, said: “I’ve been experimenting with diets since high school.

PIC FROM Andrew Graf / Caters News

“I tried veganism, high carbs, calorie restriction, and excessive exercising but nothing was doing it.

“When I heard about the carnivore diet I thought it sounded nuts.

“But I gave it a try I could not believe the difference. It was like living in a new world.

“Once I went raw I found I could eat smaller quantities to feel satisfied.

“Cooking reduces the bioavailability of nutrients, so eating raw means you eat less.

“I also prefer the taste, I’ve always preferred things rarer.”

Andrew now eats zero carbs and subsists solely on 1lbs to 2lbs of raw meat products a day – all during dinner.

He said he instantly noticed a boost in his mental clarity and energy levels, as well as drastic improvements to his mental health.

PIC FROM Andrew Graf / Caters News

He decided to eat his days’ worth of calories all in one go at night to avoid turning heads in public with his meaty meals.

And he ha disputed experts warnings about the health risks from the carnivore diet – which include higher cholesterol, artery disease and heart disease – but admitted he has faced symptoms like constipation, foul breath and rashes.

Andrew said: “Those claims are incorrect, people on this diet have a lower mortality.”

“Constipation can happen from heavy cheese consumption, but that can happen regardless of the carnivore diet.

“I found bowel movements are just more irregular.

PIC FROM Andrew Graf / Caters News

“Our breath is rather odorless really. Some people develop what is known as keto rash, which most suspects is a reaction.”

Andrew said proponants of the online carnivore diet find themselves clashing with vegans over their lifestyle choices.

But he said when he tried veganism for a few months but found it left him feeling “bloated, constipated, and lethargic.”

After changing his life with the diet, Andrew is now teaching his family, who have a history of obesity, to do the same.

Andrew said: “Vegans definitely feel threatened: online clashes typically follow carnivores minding their own business when vegans attempt to shame and harass us.

PIC FROM Andrew Graf / Caters News

“It’s as if our existence is some kind of existential threat.

“But I found this has worked for me. People in my family were dropping dead at a young age.

“I would hate to outlive them, so now I’m teaching them to do doing the same thing.”