Animals Video

By Ben Walley

A diver has captured a selfie with a giant humpback whale while swimming in the ocean.

Adam Stern, 28, filmed the moment on August 4 while just off the coast of Nuku’alofa, Tonga.

The professional diver jumped into the water from the boat to cool off before he spotted the huge female whale.

Adam, from Copacabana, New South Wales, Australia, said: “We could hear singing in the water and then all of a sudden this big female whale just appeared!

“I swam down quickly and started spinning around in the water in front of her and she responded by spinning herself.

“She then hung around with us for half an hour swimming and dancing with us.

“It was quite emotional being in the water with the whales.

“It’s incredible to see something so huge acknowledge you, be interested in you and want to swim with you.”