Life Video

By Luke Kenton

This high school graduate left a family speechless, after a routine pizza delivery turned into an impromptu private performance of a Beethoven sonata.

Working his usual shift for Hungry Howie’s Pizza, in Sterling Heights, Michigan, 18-year-old Bryce Dudal arrived at the Varchetti household in what he presumed would be a routine delivery – but a chance encounter with a baby grand piano in their hallway changed that.

Noticing the teenager’s interest, Paul Varchetti asked Bryce if he wanted to check out the seldom used instrument, and the community college student didn’t hesitate in obliging.


Sitting down on the stool, the self-taught maestro thumps out Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata, Third Movement” in dazzling style, on July 25, showcasing the musical dexterity of a consummate professional.

Believing Bryce to be a “musical genius in-waiting,” Paul immediately sent the video over to his wife, Julie, who was out to dinner with a friend at the time.

Reveling in a mutual appreciating for the teenager’s talents, Julie posted the video to Facebook, it was then viewed thousands of times in just a matter of hours.

Bryce has been teaching himself the piano since he was 6, and the Varchetti family were so impressed with his abilities that they tipped him 100% of their pizza order for the performance.

Julie said: “We usually order from a different pizza place, but I’m so glad my husband didn’t on this night.

“When Bryce delivered the pizza he noticed our baby grand piano in the foyer and asked a couple questions about it.


“We were blown away [by the performance], we couldn’t believe it.

“Especially for Paul – he saw it live with my son and a friend.

“There are a lot of very gifted and talented people out there, but this particular circumstance was a blessing for our family to witness.

“He’s an incredible and talented young man.

“The video went viral immediately, we’ve never had anything like this happen.”