By Katy Gill

This is the hilarious moment a stroppy kid had a meltdown – and demanded his mum take him to the PUB.

Little Harrison Proudler had the ‘outburst’ after overhearing mum Gemma and a friend discussing a food deal at their local – despite the fact he’d never been there.

PIC BY Mikey Jones/ Caters News

The tinker, aged five, was filmed by his mum as he repeatedly cried, through tears: “I want to go to the pub.”

Gemma, 35, has now shared the video on Facebook after finally taking Harrison to the Gigmill in Stourbridge, West Midlands.

The mum-of-two said: “I was cooking dinner when he started having this random tantrum.

“We don’t even really go to the pub so I’ve got no idea where it came from.

“I was shocked and just started laughing, which is when I began recording it.

“It was really funny.”

Gemma, who also has a 10-year-old boy called Lennon, revealed she’d never even taken Harrison to a pub before his outburst.

The full-time mum said: “We were walking home from nursery one day when I bumped into a friend and she was recommending two courses for £6 at the local pub.

PIC BY Mikey Jones/ Caters News

“Harrison was with me at the time, I said we might pay it a visit but then thought nothing of it.

“A couple of days later he had this outburst, it just came from nowhere.

“Harrison hadn’t even been to a pub at that point, we don’t really go to the pub as a family to be honest.”

Gemma and 35-year-old husband James, a fire protection consultant, said they’re used to Harrison’s strops.

She said: “He definitely has second child syndrome.

“He’s a bit of a monkey but he was really tired at the time which is why I was so calm with him and didn’t make much of it.

“He fell asleep as soon as I stopped recording.”

She added: “I showed the video to my dad and he was mortified.

“James jokes that he’s trained him well, but we all watched it and had a giggle.”