Video Viral

By Sophie Norris

This bizarre festival-goer was caught on camera appearing to drink strangers’ urine after repeatedly placing a plastic beer cup in a urinal.

Stomach-churning footage shows the shirtless man with a leather collar apparently planting the cups in urinals before retreating to lurk behind men using them.

When they have finished, he collects the wee-filled cups and downs the contents as if it were a pint of beer.

The video was filmed by a 21-year-old British tourist who was on a weekend break in Amsterdam with friends during the city’s gay pride celebration on August 5.

He claims he was in ‘complete shock’ when he noticed what he was doing, after originally filming the man because of his unusual outfit.

The shop manager from Hertfordshire, who asked not to be named, said: “At first I thought ‘am I drunk?’ Then he drank a second cup of it and was just downing it.

“I’ve never seen anything like that in my life and Amsterdam is quite a bizarre place anyway.

“I was stood there for about three minutes and he was there the whole time, planting cups and lurking until people had finished.

“I just could not believe it. I said to my friend ‘oh my god, what is he doing?’

“He’d plant the cup and then when they left, pick it up and drink from it.

“He was downing it like it was a pint.

“It’s not something you think you’re going to see on a lad’s weekend.”

The shop manager and two pals had been walking past the celebrations when they had the call of nature and started to queue for the facilities.

After witnessing the man’s shenanigans, they decided to go to a nearby pub.

Oddly, he claims people using the urinals were mostly oblivious to the man stealing their wee and onlookers were too shocked to say anything.

He said: “I went to Amsterdam last weekend with a couple of friends when we ended up walking through the Pride celebrations.

“When I saw the man I was just in shock. I thought ‘no way have I just seen that?’

“There was no way I was going to use the urinals after that, so we went to a different toilet.

“I initially got my camera out because I was actually filming him to show my friend what he was wearing round his neck.

“I was showing them his funny outfit and that’s when I noticed.

“At first, it was just me who noticed but then others started to pick up on it too. Everyone was just in complete shock.

“I’m quite surprised the people using the urinals didn’t say anything to him. I don’t know if they realised what he was up to.

“I don’t know if it was a fetish thing or what. He seemed fine, like it was a normal thing to do.”