Video Viral

By Charlotte Regen 

A young man attempted to do a backflip with a bike whilst bouncing on a trampoline – but failed hilariously and ended up injuring his privates.

While he managed to do the trick, the bike just hit him back, throwing him down and leaving him clutching at his underneath.

But despite him clearly being in pain, he quickly got up and laughed the fail off.

Gergely Pálfi, a basketball coach and sports teacher, recorded the funny moment of his friend in a trampoline park in Budapest Hungary, on January 2018 

He said: “One of our member is trying to do a backflip with a BMX without wheels, on a trampoline.

“This has never happened before- it was the first time and it failed.

 “I wouldn’t say it wasn’t painful – but the shock was more painful than it looks like.

“I was laughing- everyone was actually, everyone knew what was going to happen, so of course it was very funny.

“It was the first and the last time -understandably he didn’t try it again. 

“He is an acrobat and he does parkour, he is very professional and good at doing it- he’s been doing parkour for more than 15 years.”