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A mum has given birth to a rainbow baby less than a year after her stillborn son was strangled by his own umbilical cord in the womb hours before being delivered. 

Kaili Wilkins, 20, of Piedmont, Missouri, USA, celebrated the birth of her new son Jasper, born 6lb 3oz, last month (July 12).


A mere 11-months earlier, Oliver came out of the womb lifeless seven-weeks early and just a few hours after his mum stopped feeling movement. 

The mother was left so heartbroken that she couldn’t hold her baby that she was determined to become pregnant again soon after. 

While Kaili still thinks about her horrific loss, she says welcoming her second child into the world has helped her to cope with the traumatic event.  

While the mum feels blessed, she says the new baby will never be a replacement for her stillborn son. 

Kaili said: “I am so grateful that he is here. No matter what, I was just going to be happy that he was living. 

“As soon as they laid him on my chest I was in tears and I whispered to him, ‘you’re alive.’ 

PIC BY KAILI WILKINS/CATERS NEWS: Jasper shortly after his delivery.

“The moment I saw Oliver come out, I screamed to the top of my lungs because I knew he was gone. 

“The doctor said that the umbilical cord got wrapped around his neck and had kinked itself at his belly button and at the top. He was just so active that he got tangled up around it.

“I was pregnant again really soon, but I felt like I had to be because there was a void in my life.  

“Even though I’m reminded of Oliver when I look at Jasper, he is not his replacement.”  

Her other son Aiden, two, was distraught after the tragedy, but is now enjoying the company of his new brother.  

The tot has been playing with Jasper on a daily basis and helping his parents take care of him. 

PIC BY KAILI WILKINS/CATERS NEWS: Matthew holding his son Jasper.

Kaili said: “Aiden didn’t take it too well. He came to see me in the hospital and he just looked horrified.

“He’s really good with Jasper. He always runs to get him a bottle when he’s crying. He’s warming up to  him, which I really adore.” 

Having had no problems for the first seven months of the stillbirth, Kaili was very anxious during the nine months that she carried Jasper.  

Every time something felt strange, she worried that something bad was happening.  

She said: “Everything about the pregnancy with Oliver felt like it was going great. Little did we know, it would take a turn for the worse.  

PIC BY KAILI WILKINS/CATERS NEWS: Kaili holding her stillborn baby Oliver

“I basically had terrible anxiety throughout the entire pregnancy with Jasper and whenever I didn’t feel the baby moving, I would get really worried.”

The biggest scare for Kaili was the two contractions she suffered, one at 20 weeks and the other at 28 weeks.

With the second one being around the time that she went into early labour with Oliver, she panicked, worrying that the same thing was happening all over again. 

Fortunately, both occurrences were not serious, and the complications stopped after she took prescribed medication.   

Kaili said: “I was sitting in the hospital and all I was thinking of was that I was going to lose two children. 

PIC BY KAILI WILKINS/CATERS NEWS: Kailis stillborn baby Oliver in the hospital

“I was given medicine to stop the contractions, just like I was the first time, and everything was fine from that point forward.”