Animals Video

By Junior Sousa

 A doting owner has captured the hilarious moment her dog demonstrates a complete lack of co-ordination – as it MISSES catching a Frisbee. 

Kristen Brenner was filming the moment she threw a Frisbee to her dog, but to her surprise it went horribly wrong.

 When 10-month old Theo went to leap for the toy, he spiralled out of control and missed it completely.

 To make the video even more humorous, the owners turned this clip slow-motion to really emphasise the pups fail.

 Kristen, from New York, United States, said: “We were working to teach him to catch a Frisbee and thought he finally had it down so we wanted to get a video of it – and got this instead.

“This is the best depiction of Theo possible – he’s a happy, uncoordinated, loving fool.

“We’re still working to try to catch the Frisbee, but it hasn’t got much better as of yet.

 “When we saw the video we watched it at least ten times before sending it to anyone who knew him and we couldn’t stop laughing.”