By David Aspinall

Music-loving Payton Shatswell can’t help cheering her grandpa like a rockstar whenever he plays the guitar for her.

Just before bedtime at granddad John’s home in Oakdale, California, USA, the 15-month-old looks on expectantly while her papa says he can’t go no more.

After dropping her eyes disappointedly to the floor, John gives in and starts strumming away at the strings leading his granddaughter to dance while sat on her bum.

Throwing her hands in the air and moving her legs excitedly, Payton giggles loudly until she becomes more interested in her feet.

Payton’s mum Nikki said: “To say Payton loves her papa playing the guitar is an understatement.

“As soon as he brings it out she’s all smiles because she knows he is playing just for her.

“She will dance to everything but only ever gets this excited when Papa John puts on a concert especially for her.

“He will play every time Payton visits and she tries to sing and dance in time with the music.

“Her favourite song is ‘You Are My Sunshine’ and she has just begun yodelling gibberish along with him.”