Video Viral

By Randal Coombs

This video shows the moment one BMX rider suffered a devestating fall without a helmet.

The video, which was captured by Michael Navarro shows the attempt of his brother Zach to clear a 3 foot dirt jump.

Zach can be seen hurtling through the air on the bike before losing his grip and crashing down into the ground.

Zach, who was knocked unconcious and spent three weeks in hospital said: “I was at some dirt jumps around town with some of my friends.

“I wanted to try a trick on one of the jumps, specifically a tire grab and I missed grabbing the handle bar when going back for it after taking my hand off. In effect I lost control of the bike from the impact and fell on my face.

“I was unconscious for a few moments and remember almost nothing until i woke up in the hospital, immediately threw up, and then i dont remember anything until i woke up in an ambulance, being transferred to another hospital.

“I was okay after about 3 weeks but I couldn’t do much.

“I laid in bed most of the time and got bad headaches when i looked at anything bright or i moved to fast etc. It was brutal. I regret not wearing a helmet. If i did I probably would have walked away totally fine.”