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By Josh Saunders

This PEACH PERFECT fruit is far from PIT-IFUL after breaking a world record having grown to a staggering four times larger than average and is the size of a small melon.

Found by a worker at Pearson Farm last month the massive fruit weighs a whopping 1.8lb – the equivalent of two tins of beans.

The giant August Prince Peach has been compared to a small cantaloupe, a large grapefruit and even a baby’s head.

It is believed to have grown to such a size by ‘accident’, according to owner of the farm Al Pearson, 68, who declared it a ‘miracle.’

He believes the plump peach stole sunshine, water and fertiliser meant for other fruit on the tree, leading its exponential growth.

In addition to its super-sized appearance, he was also amazed the fruit was spotted among the ten million peaches Pearson Farm harvest annually and that it was not ‘eaten, ruined or lost’ in transit.

Now declared World’s Heaviest Peach by the Academy of World Records, it beat the predecessor titleholder by 0.05lb.

Al said: “We were shocked at the size of the peach, it looks big when you are holding it, but when put it in a box of size of normal peaches, its three to four times larger.

“There’s little we can do to grow a peach like that, unlike watermelons, squash and other fruit and vegetable. It’s out of my control.

“I would say it’s the size of a small cantaloupe or a large grapefruit, and my nephew said it was as big as a baby’s head, which gives a pretty good marker to judge how big it is.

“To preserve it we put it in the freezer, it’s sitting there now but it’s destined to be a cobbler I think.

“There were two miracles, the first is that the peach grew that big and the second that it survived the trip to the packing shed without being eaten, ruined or lost.

“Other peach growers around us have started looking hard to see if they can beat it now, which has been fun, so far I haven’t heard of anybody that’s close.

“My family have been growing peaches since 1880, it’s something my son and I haven’t had enough sense to stop.

“There may have been peaches that big before but I’ve never seen one.”

The state of Georgia is ranked the third highest for peach production in the USA, yielding more than 1.7 million bushels of peaches a year from its 15,000 acres of trees.

Pearson Farm has been in operation for over 130 years, now co-run by Al and his son Lawton, who is the fifth generation of the peach farmers.

He explains what he believes to be the secret behind the peach’s enormous growth.

Al added: “This was really an accident, it’s a variety of peach called an August Prince Peach, which typically has large peaches.

“But the tree had very few peaches, so all the fertiliser, water and sunshine went to this peach meaning it was primed to be a big one.

“We were lucky to be in the right place at the right time.

“One of our crew picked it and brought it to the attention of the supervisor. Someone had the good sense to weigh it and then look up the world record.”

Now the peach remains in the freezer until Guinness World Records also declare it the heaviest peach.

After that, Al intends to commemorate the fabulous fruit find.

He added: “I have made a mould of a peach before for one not that big.

“As soon as we get the go ahead from Guinness World Records, I will make a mould we will slice it up and eat it, but we will have the mould for posterity.”

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