By Josh Saunders

Meet the animal medium who claims to see and talk with dead pets which reveal their owners’ most embarrassing secrets, intimate details and give life advice.

Brent Atwater, from Georgia in Atlanta, USA, says pets never ‘pull punches’ commenting on everything from affairs to bad habits and their hatred for pet costumes.


When she was five-years-old, Brent’s mum found her talking to ‘imaginary friends’ and a pet dog, which Brent believes was her first experience with human and animal spirits.

Brent turned her abilities into a business and in 2005 began focusing on deceased animals – ranging from cats and dogs to Olympic team horses, wolves and llamas.

In sessions starting at £240 ($300), pets answer their owners’ questions, sharing happy moments, giving advice and deliver hard to hear truths.

Some of the awkward incidents include: one pet saying they preferred the owner’s lover to her husband, speaking about drinking problems and even that they hated being dressed-up in pet outfits.

Brent, the animal medium, said: “What I love best is you never know what an animal is going to say.


“They will tell you if you drink or smoke too much, have flatulence problems or need to change your life and attitude.

“Pets mention things like songs their owners would sing while dancing with them, to information about the people in their lives – they get very intense with specific details and in your face insights. ”

Brent confirms she is communicating with the owner’s pet by asking them to provide specific information only the owners would know.

From there the pets divulge intimate personal details, embarrassing secrets, emotional upheavals and spiritual lessons.

She added: “Since a pet’s opinion can’t be silenced after passing, one pet told its owner they preferred her lover better than her husband, which was a real shock and took her a while to regain her composure.

“Another dog told his owner he hated her turquoise nail polish and preferred an orange one.


“He also said she was having the best sex of her life with her lover that he called ‘Bigfoot’ and didn’t like the new house they were looking at.

“They always have an astonishing story or commentary.

“So, all those times you dressed up your pets thinking he liked it, it’s their chance to say they hated the tutu, Halloween outfit, Christmas card, birthday parties or the glamour shoots.

“Some pets have told their owners truths about their partners such as them being a kleptomaniac and that they need someone more supportive.

“Others may say the parent takes too many prescriptions, is a sloppy housekeeper, needs to cut their toenails, has sexy lacey lingerie or smelly running shoes- you never know.

“I’ve spoken to people in high profile professions who have changed their careers to live more emotionally and spiritually fulfilling lives after talking to their pets – who know their desires and dreams.


“Since pets are with you almost 24-7 they listen and are watching your joy, arguments and despair – what don’t they know?”

At school, Brent was placed into a gifted and talented educational programme, where she and 30 other students were tested and documented for extrasensory perception (ESP).

She was part of the original pilot study by Dr. JB Rhine of Duke University and the founder of ESP.

Brent claims to be able to hear people’s thoughts and have other psychic abilities.

Brent said: “The fun part is when they voice an opinion on and about something they couldn’t say during their ‘earth’ life, it’s also the most unnerving part of a reading.

“Due to their strong connection, many owners believe they have lived with their pet in a past life, so we discuss that and the possibility of future lives together.

“Pets also answer questions about their illness, plus clarify how and why they died in addition to describing what their purpose was in the parents’ life.

“If I don’t repeat what the pet says in their exact words they will stop me mid-sentence and correct me.”


For the past 12 years while talking to animal spirits, she says her work has helped to ‘heal the hearts of grieving pet owners’.

Brent said: “The spiritual lessons and life coaching taught by a pet during a reading can transform people’s lives.

“Often a person will change to honour their beloved pet’s request when they wouldn’t change for a human.

“Pets want their parents to stop hurting, find happiness and to move on with their lives.

“All I want to do is to help people know they are not alone after such a tragic event.

“Owners can get the answers they need to be optimistic about their futures and I provide information that guides them out of their grief so they can find closure and peace in learning to live again.”

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