Animals Video

By Randal Coombs

An adorable fawn has been caught swimming across a lake towards a fishing boat.

Lydia Miles was out fishing in Beaufort County, South Carolina, with her parents when she spotted a fawn swimming towards them.

Whilst out fishing for redfish and trout, the trio weren’t having much luck.

They’d only caught two fish and were about to give up and go home but that’s when they spotted a doe walking along the bank, the fawn following behind her.

The footage shows the small fawn making a beeline for the boat, swimming as fast as it could.

Lydia then decided to pick the fawn up as the touching moment was filmed.

She said: “It heading straight for the boat. I couldn’t believe it.

“The fawn was literally scratching at the boat like it wanted to get in. I could tell it was tired, so I picked it up.

“I was concerned about touching the fawn because they say if your scent gets on the deer, then the mother will abandon it.

“I could tell this little fawn needed a break from swimming, he was so small and seemed so tired.”

After taking the fawn back to the bank and reuniting it with its mother, Lydia looked back on the touching moment with irony.

“I was hunting for fish but I would never do anything to harm a baby deer.

“I respect wildlife. It’s really cool to see how nature works.

“This was once in a lifetime experience and it was an amazing feeling. It definitely turned our fishing trip around for the better.”