Animals Video

By David Aspinall

This feisty Rottweiler hilariously tried to fight his first teeth cleaning before eventually really enjoying it.

Like most people don’t like dentist visits, 11-month-old Bjorn clearly wanted no part in owner Jacob Heck brushing his gnashers for the first time.

Despite having legs wrapped around his body, the six-stone baby clamps his jaws tight and wriggles backwards across his lounge floor.

Having backed himself into a corner, Bjorn has nowhere to escape to and giving in to the brushing eventually loving it to the point of licking the toothbrush clean.

Owner Chunhee Kim, from Hanford, California, USA, said: “Both Jacob and I thought it was cute, even if he did fight for a while.

“All the fuss was even funnier when he stopped resisting and looked as if he was enjoying getting his teeth cleaned.

“Bjorn listens very well to commands, as you can see from him sitting or walking back to Jacob.

“We didn’t really know what to expect from his first brush but hopefully it all goes a bit easier from here.”

Jacob and Chunhee have had Bjorn since he was eight-weeks-old and have a toy poodle called Tofu.