Video Viral

By Charlotte Regen

Hilarious footage captures the moment a girl tries and fails to ‘tame’ a massive flamingo pool inflatable. 

Francesca Jasmin Hazel thought she was being graceful when she attempted to pose for pictures on the back of a flamingo lilo.

But the marketing manager failed and took a tumble, splashing into the pool.

The hilarious moment was caught on camera by her friends and has caused a ripple of laughter across the internet.

 A second video has also been uploaded – a compilation of outtakes of Francesca failing to jump onto the inflatable.

 Francesca said: “I fell off quite impressively.

“I think it took me about six attempts to get onto the lilo.

“There’s a compilation of outtakes of me trying to jump onto the lilo and land on it.

“I actually had managed to jump onto it earlier, but it wasn’t filmed. I wanted to get a video of me doing it successfully.

“Lots of families were watching and I could hear them laughing at me – I was laughing too!

 “I am definitely a lilo master now.

 “I’m already looking into taking my new talent further with unicorn lilos, pizza slices, doughnuts, and maybe even a shark one!”