By Helen Le Caplain

A devoted dog owner captured a hilarious photo of her dozing bulldog’s tongue – which looked just like a pair of luscious lips.

Donna Ward admits to constantly taking snaps of her beloved bulldog Bullet, and captured him as he dozed in front of the TV at 9pm on Wednesday evening.


The pooch, whose head was resting on the side of his bed, was napping with his tongue folded and poking out in such a way that it looked like a pair of plump human lips, complete with a defined cupid’s bow.

Mum-of-one Donna from Crawley, West Sussex, said: “I glanced over at him while my husband Paul and I were watching TV.

“I told Paul ‘Oh my God look at his ‘lips’! He gave a little chuckle, but it was only when he looked back at the photo close up that he realised what I was talking about.

“He looks just like he’s puckering up about to blow me a kiss.

“People pay a lot of money to get lips that look like that.”


Beauty therapist Donna and decorator husband Paul Ward adopted nine-year-old Bullet 12 months ago and eight-year-old bulldog Ruby three years ago from charity The Edward Foundation and describe them as ‘dream dogs’.

Donna, 41, said: “Bulldogs are so loveable. They are ugly but at the same time really beautiful.

“Their character is not like any other dog. They’re just like humans – our little furry babies.

“Bullet’s getting on now, this is little retirement home and has settled really well.

“When we watch TV Bullet sleeps in his bed facing me, he’s a bit of a mama’s boy and he only faces the TV if he’s grumpy.

“He always sleeps with his tongue hanging out. He’s looked like he’s had a pair of lips a couple of times before but it wasn’t as prominent as this so that’s why I decided to grab my phone and take the picture.


“I had to be really quiet as once he hears you he’ll move.

“Bullet’s my dream little boy, Ruby’s more of a daddy’s girl.”

Donna and 44-year-old Paul chose to adopt after researching the breed and hearing some of the heartbreaking backstories dogs up for adoption with The Edward Foundation had.

Donna said: “We chose to adopt as when you’re buying you don’t really know what you’re getting.

“When we researched the breed we heard stories about puppy farms, money involved with ‘preferred’ types of breeds and associated health risks so we decided to adopt.

“The Edward Foundation are a great charity and once you’ve adopted from them they’re just a phone call away, it’s like a little family.”