Animals Video

By Christina Wood

This peculiar pug could be the world’s most difficult dog to walk – after his poor owner revealed hilarious footage of how the ‘mummy’s boy’ insists on weaving between her heels almost tripping her up EVERY TIME.

Kayleigh Johnston, 25, has never seen another dog doing this before but says her ‘clingy’ pug named Olly engages in the bizarre practice it every time he is taken outside.

The ‘strange’ habit routinely turns heads as passersby wonder what Olly is up to and even shop assistant Kayleigh admits she has no idea why the daft dog does it – though has suspected he is trying not to get wet.

And even more peculiar, despite having always done the eccentric trick, Olly only does it when Kayleigh walks him and not with boyfriend Daniel Smith, 29.

Kayleigh, from Wishaw, in Scotland said: “It’s something he’s always done. He will go in and out between my feet to try and trip me up. He does it every time I take him for a walk.

“I was confused when he first did it. I thought it was strange and wondered if any other dogs do this but I’ve never seen another dog do this before.

“At first, I thought it was a protection thing because he never likes to get wet but I’m not sure why he does it.

“It can get quite annoying and he can be quite awkward to walk but when we get to where we’re going I just let him off the lead so he can run about.”

Kayleigh was given the one-year-old pooch as a Christmas present when he was only eight-weeks-old but she says she is now used to him trotting around her on walks.

Kayleigh said: “My boyfriend Daniel had never seen him do that before and he just thought it was weird.

“You get very funny looks when people drive past in their cars. I’m just used to it now.

“My mum and Daniel are the only other people that walk him besides me.

“He only does it with me apart from that one time with Daniel [also in the video footage]. My family think it’s funny when they see him walking like that with me.

“They think he’s clingy and a mummy’s boy. We’re very close so I think he gets excited to see me and also he loves going outside.

“I can walk without tripping up because he knows how to do it so well, I can walk normal speed, fast or slow and he still manages to keep up.”