Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

This chubby pigeon thought it was COO big to fail in its attempts to head down the chimney pipe of a family home, only to become lodged in the pipe and require rescuing. 

Wildlife Aid Foundation workers visited the homeowners in Raynes Park, London, UK, on July 16, after they had been hearing a flapping sound coming from the chimney pipe for two days.


The family initially dismissing the sound, but after 48 hours they soon discovered it wasn’t going away.

Simon Cowell and Lawrie Brailey of Wildlife Aid Foundation attended the house to investigate, quickly locating the oversized pigeon with an inspection camera and, they admitted, a bit of patience.

The pair were able to free the pigeon within a few hours, releasing it back into the wild without any injuries.

Lawrie said: “Although the family couldn’t see the bird, rescuer Simon managed to locate it using a drain inspection camera and was soon able to reach up and gently pull it free.

“The pigeon was not remotely thin and seemed to be on the chunky side.


“After checking it was unharmed and clearly not underfed, we were able to release it back into the wild.

“Since uploading the video online, the reactions have been overwhelmingly positive – many people are surprised and grateful that we come to the aid of all species of wildlife, not just the ones seen to be more dangerous or controversial.”

According to Lawrie, the animal foundation are experiencing a huge spike in dehydrated animal patients due to the disastrously warm weather the UK has been experiencing.

They are encouraging people to keep water bowls topped up to help the wildlife survive the heatwave.