Animals Video

By David Aspinall

 A majestic bald eagle catching a fish dinner in epic slow motion has become a viral video.

 Tom Schiesser was on an angling trip off Thorne Bay in Alaska, USA, when he tried to release a juvenile rockfish he had caught.

Before he could get the catch off his line, the sharp-eyed predator came sweeping from near the shoreline.

Diving out of the cloudy sky, the eagle clutches its prey the fish in its claws before using its powerful wings to escape and enjoy its meal.

Despite being filmed on June 26 2017, the video has only just started to go viral now with more than 13 million views on Facebook.

Tom said: “I was elated to capture something this special. 

“Each time we hooked a fish, the eagle started to circle the boat.

“We were fairly sure he would return at some point.

“With this rockfish, we tried to release it but before we could, the eagle caught it in his claws.”