Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen 

This puppy’s skateboarding skills have been unleashed in cute footage shot by his proud owner. 

Adorable pooch, Buck, can be seen showing off his new talent after mastering the sport at just two months old. 

Proud owner, Jennifer Palmer, filmed the clever canine at her home in Georgia, USA where she says he fell in love with the skateboard as soon as he clapped eyes on it. 

She said: “His been skateboarding for about a week now. 

“The first time he tried it he was downstairs in my basement and he fell in love with the board straight away. 

“I was so proud of him and shocked too. I just laughed. 

“He immediately ran to me for praise. He’s very friendly and loveable and most of all a mummy’s boy.

“He stays by my side every second of the day – literally. 

“He sleeps on his bed right beside me and even follows me to the bath.”