Video Viral

By David Aspinall

This is the hilarious moment a pair of cousin’s practicing a dance routine ends with one them being dropped.

As Bailee Dae Franklin and Amora Young start their video, the rhythmic couple do final checks on their synchronized moves.

Acting as a seemingly strong foundation, Bailee Dae holds on to Amora’s ankles as she does a handstand up against her cousin’s back.

Having been lifted to sit on Bailee’s shoulders, Amora tries to jump up to her feet only to get caught leaving her to plummet to the floor.

Amora’s mum Monique Respress, from Oak Park, Michigan, said: “Once we realised Amora wasn’t hurt we all found it hilarious.

“They all enter dance competitions so practice their stunts a lot.

“This was the first time they had ever practiced this particular move.

“It looks like they will need some more time to perfect it but the girls still get a kick out of watching the video.”