Offbeat Video

By Kristiana Hall 

This is the incredible moment a base jumper vanishes into thin air after diving from a platform 4000 feet high. 

Gutsy Karim Elemary disappears from view following the vertigo-inducing jump which sees him plummeting to the rocky ground beneath wearing a tracksuit and a parachute. 

The skydiving coach, wingsuit pilot, base jumper and rock climber, is also known as Pyro Emary in the extreme sports world and takes on up to 50 jumps a month. 

This heart-stopping footage was shot at Mount Brento in Italy.  

Karim, 35, said: “This jump was my first one piece tracking suit jump. 

“It was intimidating to go on a new suit but mount Brento is a good place to learn new skills. 

“In this video I’m performing my first track suit jump. The suit inflated while in flight that gives u more distance and speed and less fall rate that allows you to fly longer and faster. 

“With every jump I still feel the adrenaline kicking, your mind on over load processing 100 things just to be safe and alive. 

“It’s what humans are made for, to survive everyday but we takes it for granted. 

“Feeling that you survive every jump because you love life is an achievement that gives you motive and a desire to live love and be who you are.”