Animals Video

By Kristiana Hall

Watch this cute video of a pet Puma as he gets his ears cleaned by his doting owners.

Alexander and Mariya Dmitrieva, adopted the puma, who is called Messi (after the footballer) in 2015 and carry out the ear cleaning procedure once every two weeks. 

And as can be seen in the footage, Messi doesn’t bat an eyelid and looks as if he’s enjoying every minute of it.

The couple, from Russia, said that although it’s usually quite dangerous to have an animal like this at home, Messi is very special, and is like a human in a puma’s skin. 

Mariya said: “Because of the health problems, Messi is about 30% smaller than a usual puma and weighs just 40 kg, which is still 10 times more than an average cat.

“He is very talkative and always answers when we speak to him, sometimes it looks like he agrees with what we say.

“He is just an incredible animal and fully dedicated to his owners.”