Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

In footage that could’ve been taken directly from a Hitchcock movie, these stunning images and videos show the incredible drinking and feeding habits of a huge swarm of Red Billed Quelea.

Shot in the Tuli game reserve in Botswana, on the border of South Africa, by Chris Soames, the passionate wildlife photographer said the number of birds and their behaviour, were remarkable. 

Pic By Chris Soames/Caters News

He said: “I was filming with friends at a private lodge and the birds came everyday for the five days we were there. 

“The Quelea flock here seasonally depending on how much food is available.

“They usually come to drink and bathe and their numbers and the way they fly together is remarkable, as is the way they approach the water.”

Pic By Chris Soames/Caters News

Quelea are one of the most abundant bird species on earth and are usually found in the Savanna, nesting in huge colonies.

Chris said: “I have seen Quelea most years, but never drinking at a waterhole, and we were all amazed at this spectacle!”