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This amazing footage shows a teen with cerebral palsy successfully shooting a golf ball using an adaptive putter his parents made using one of his crutches.      

Ethan Olson, 17, of Geneva, Illinois, USA, played adaptive golf for the first time on July 19, when his parents attached the putter to his left forearm crutch using a bungee chord. 

They came up with the idea while golfing near their summer cottage in Traverse City, Michigan.  

His condition, caused by a disruption in brain development at birth, is characterized by muscle movement and developmental disabilities, which have led him to rely on crutches to move. 

He usually brings his walker to the golf course and uses a regular putter.  

His parents Mike and Kathy decided to try this out because they wanted him to be able to golf more easily. 

Kathy said: “We thought it would be a good idea to attach a putter to one of his crutches, so we tried it and it worked. 

“Attaching the putter with the bungee chord was a good fit. He’s going to start using it more often.

“Using the walker was a little too much work for him. This method will definitely be less cumbersome. 

“We were so excited when we saw the ball go in. Everyone was cheering and clapping for him. 

“He has always had strong determination and an ‘I can’ attitude, which has led him to participate in the same activities as everybody else. 

“With help from a few different organizations, Ethan has sailed, scuba dived, downhill skied, kayaked, cycled, tubed and played sled hockey, soccer and t-ball.”