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By Taniya Dutta 

An Indonesian couple are desperately hoping for a miracle to save their two-month-old baby boy – after he was born with TWO FACES.

Gilang Andika was born to Erlinasari Andika, 30, through a caesarean section at a private hospital in Batam, in Indonesia in early May.  

Pic by Yuli Sepri/ Caters News

He is a conjoined twin – a condition which affects every one in every 250,000 births – and while he has one body, a pair of arms and legs, in his head, there is an extra brain of his unborn sibling.

Gilang also suffers from hydrocephalus, a condition in which fluid starts building up in brain causing long-term brain damage, learning disabilities, speech, vision or memory problems and eventually leads to death.  

The infant’s disfigurement has left third-time Erlinasari and husband Mustafa Andika, 35, shocked as they were unaware of their son’s condition until he was born. 

Mustafa said: “Gilang was born through a surgery. 

Pic by Yuli Sepri/ Caters News

“We had undergone an ultrasound and doctors had admitted that there was something strange about the baby as its head was big. 

“He was also in breech position. But we were not told what exactly was the problem.” 

After their son was born at Chamatha Sahidiya Panbil Hospital, the parents were told the chances of Gilang’s survival are extremely slim. 

The dejected parents were further asked to take their baby to an advanced hospital in Jakarta due to inadequate equipment in the hospital but because of lack of resources, but they brought him home, instead. 

Pic by Yuli Sepri/ Caters News

The couple, who also has two older kids, are now desperately waiting for a miracle that would help them save their newborn son. 

Labourer Mustafa said: “When he was born he weighed 3.6kg but now he is very thin. 

“My wife cannot breastfeed him and we have to use a tube to feed him. He is not able to drink milk properly and is losing weight.”