Animals Video

By Andrew Kao

This surreal nightime footage shows one of nature’s great predators ruthlessly hunting down its prey.

The video, which was captured in water close to the Galapagos Islands shows a native shark to the island’s hunting down a sealion.

Captured by Benjamin Bennett, 24, while he was aboard the yacht he and his wife crew, the footage was shot on Benjamin’s GoPro camera while he floated just below the surface of the water.

“We had guests on board and we’re having a BBQ on deck. We have underwater lights on the yacht so we decided to turn them on to find that we were surrounded by Schools of fish, sealions and a 2m long Galapagos shark.”

Benjamin immediately got into the water to try and get a better view of the shark.

He wasn’t prepared for what happened next though as the shark raced towards him, knocking the GoPro.

“For a second, I thought that was it.

“I had just gotten a GoPro as a early birthday present so I decided to get it wet and get some footage of the awesome Galapagos wildlife.  I was of the back of the boat when I filmed the shark first swim by, then the sea lion raced passed me and the shark doubled back and came at me really quick.

“I don’t think the shark had the scent of human meat and wanted to eat me, I think it was going for the sea lion or the fish that the sea lion was after.”