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This lioness clearly wanted to keep all of her nine lives as she desperately hung onto a tree before taking an embarrassing tumble to the ground.

The clumsy cat was filmed climbing a tree in the Southern Serengeti before she lost her balance and after clinging on for several seconds, fell ungraciously to the ground.

The humiliating event was witnessed by other members of the pride who sat securely in the tree looking down on the lumbering lioness.

South African photographer, Jean Du Plessis, runs a safari company in Tazania called Wayo Africa.

The 42-year-old was guiding a group of tourists when he came across the ungainly episode and managed to capture the hilarious moment on camera.

He said: “There were a group of young lions having a nap.

“Since the wildebeest migration is in the area there were thousands of flies and the lions were very irritated.

“Some of the pride climbed in the tree to get more in to the wind so that the flies were blown away.

“Almost all the nice branches were taken up and this lioness didn’t have a nice place to lie down.

“She was standing on a narrow branch and as she tried to lie down she lost her balance and fell.

“Luckily she managed to hold on to the branch and carefully climb down most of the way.

“I was nervous. Although lions can drop some distance she could have really injured herself falling so far.”