By Michael Scott

There’s something weirdly identically about these zebras, as they group together in a hilarious spot the difference pose.

Snapped by Amelia Costello from Piedmont, California, while she was on a family holiday in Tanzania, the herd can be seen perfectly lining up, enabling onlookers to play a game of spot the difference.

Amelia Costello/Caters News

Amelia, 16, said: “I noticed that many of the zebras were paired up and resting their heads on each other (something that I would see frequently throughout the rest of the safari), and I knew I had to get a photo.

“Somehow everything aligned perfectly and I was lucky enough to get this shot with the two pairs in almost the exact same pose.

“When I saw this photo on my camera, I couldn’t believe how fortunate I was to be in the right place at the right time like that – it definitely felt like a one-in-a-million shot!”

Amelia Costello/Caters News

Can you spot the six differences? The answers are below:

Ear (up on right zebra/down on left zebra).

Colour difference (left zebra has more white/right zebra is tinged brown).

Front leg difference on the right zebra.

More neck on shown on rear right zebra.

Amelia Costello/Caters News

More body on shown on rear left zebra.

Tail (the left zebra’s tail is visible, the right zebra’s tail is hidden).