Animals Video

By Andrew Kao

 A tiny frog taking a bath in a bottle cap broke the internet.

 Sally Weir and her daughter Lori DeBerry were out on a walk in Bristow, Oklahoma, USA, on July 19 when they spotted the adorable amphibian sitting on a lamppost. 

Aware that temperatures were set to reach a swelter 110 Fahrenheit, the pair of them offered the frog a drink of water from a bottle cap.

Unaware that frogs drink via osmosis, the pair and more than 242,000 people on the internet were stunned when the mini animal jumped into the cap, looking like it’s taking a bath.

Lori said: “This has never happened to us before.

“Mum wasn’t sure if it was a frog or a leaf as it appeared to be drying out from the excessive heat.

“I was drinking a cold bottle of water and suggested we share it with him. 

“The frog was scared at first but quickly submerged himself in the cold water. 

“We put both the frog and his new mini pool in a shady area and filled the nearby bird feeder with water.”