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This is the incredible moment a grateful son left his mum stunned when he gave her a brand-new house for free.

Realtor Josh DeShong spent almost a year refurbishing a dilapidated home and wanted to show it off to his mother Vickie Reynolds.


Having not seen it for three months, Vickie marvels at the interior decorations even rubbing the granite kitchen surfaces.

When Josh tells his mum ‘you never have to move out of this house’, she bursts into tears as they embrace in her beautifully decorated kitchen.

Josh said: “Mum was stunned when I told her the news.

“She raised me as a single parent and I was a pretty troubled youth.

“When everyone doubted me she never stopped being there for me.


“That day I got to give her back something that I have spent my entire career working towards.”

When Josh – who owns Josh DeShong Real Estate – bought the house back in 2016, the previous owners had been hoarders.

Thus, the walls and ceilings were riddled with mould and the building had actually been condemned.

Josh said: “At first I had to wear a face mask just to walk into the house.

“But it was in a great location and as soon as I bought it I knew I wanted to give it to my mum.”


Josh set about refurbishing the property, much like his company does with up to 100 houses each year.

This home was different though, and as such he kept his mum informed of the renovations even if he kept the surprise secret.

Josh said: “All along the way, she kept saying I was spending too much money on the work, especially the area it’s in.

“When I told her about the granite kitchen surfaces she thought I was crazy.