Video Viral

By Sophie Norris

An admin worker has revealed footage of the shocking moment two ‘reckless’ drivers appear to ‘play dodgems’ after an alleged argument in a KFC car park spiralled out of control.

A bad-tempered battle between what was reported to police as a white Volkswagen Polo and black Audi 4×4 on a busy main road ended with the Polo being spun in the wrong direction in a crunching collision.

Witnesses claim the vehicles’ occupants had been involved in a fight in a nearby KFC car park and were shouting ‘pull over’ to one another through their windows.

The Audi driver even allegedly tried to open the VW’s passenger side door as they crawled around a corner side-by-side.

After making the turn onto Barlow Moor Road in Chorlton, Manchester, video footage appears to show what is believed to be a £30,000 Audi Q3 mounting the curb to accelerate away from the £14,000 Polo.

But just as the Polo starts to speed after it, the Audi driver slams on their brakes and the Polo rams into the back of it.

Sophie James, 29, was walking her dog at around 7pm on Thursday [July 19] when she came across the two cars and filmed them.

Sophie, from Chorlton, said: “It was mad. They were just playing dodgems down the road.

“I was walking my dog at about 7pm and I was just shocked, I couldn’t believe it.

“The white car wanted to stop the black car as they’d apparently had a disagreement.

“Audis are not cheap cars to be playing dodgems with. There was debris all over the road from the Polo too.

“It’s Chorlton – stuff like that happens all the time, but this was extreme.

“I looked over at the cars and could see that it was properly kicking off. I thought ‘I should probably film this’.”

Sophie claims the drivers were shouting at each other as they slowly drove along with no consideration for oncoming traffic or pedestrians.

Both cars smashed together at least twice on the video and then chased each other down the main road.

Sophie claims the driver of the black Audi was even trying to wrench open the passenger door of the other car a one point.

Sophie said: “Both cars came round the corner shouting at each other and were driving side-by-side in one lane.

“They were apparently in the KFC car park around the corner shortly before this arguing.

“The drivers of both cars were seen shouting through their windows at each other. The Audi driver was shouting ‘pull over’.

“The person in the white car tried to open the black car’s door.

“The white Polo had hit the black car first and that had already caused a bit of damage, although it was much less because the Audi is obviously tougher.

“The Polo was all battered down the side from where it had hit the Audi, but that only looked like it’d taken a small bump.

“I carried on walking and the cars drove on around the corner.

“A couple of minutes later I saw the white car speeding down the road with two motorbikes chasing after it.”

Concerned locals took to social media to condemn the ‘reckless’ driving of both cars.

Amy Borg said: “Husband had just cycled that way with our four-year-old on the bike, good to know d***s like this are around. Hope you’ve shown this to the police.”

Fiona Gardner said: “I really hope the police do them both for dangerous driving. Very lucky no pedestrians or other driver were hurt.”

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: “Shortly before 6.40pm on Thursday 19 July 2018, police were called to reports of two cars hitting each other on Barlow Moor Road in Chorlton.

“A white VW Polo and Black Audi 4×4 were repeatedly colliding with each other, before fleeing from the scene towards Didsbury.

“No one was injured in the incident and enquiries into the full circumstances around this incident are ongoing.”

KFC was contacted for comment.