Video Viral

By Curtis Mitchell 

A driver captured the moment a car crashed into him after failing to stop at a junction. 

Kurt Christensen was traveling to his grandmother’s house in Concord, California, when the driver of a white picking, twoing a trailer, failed to stop at a junction, ploughing into the side of his car. 

The footage shows the pickup continue out of the junction as Kurt’s wife screams in the passenger seat, after the driver claimed the trailer caused his breaks to fail. 

The retired 50-year-old said: “I was travelling at 35mph going to grandma’s house, when it became apparent the pickup was not stopping, there was barely any time left to hit the brakes. 

“The pickup driver claimed his trailer was too heavy and the brakes were not working well. 

“My wife was pretty shaken up as all four airbags went off. 

“The pickup had no damage and he was able to drive away once the police were done with the scene.

“Our van was towed away and will be in the body shop for about a month.”