Offbeat Video

By Randal Coombs

This funny dad had a great surprise for his daughter- he showed up without his dreadlocks, for the first time.

He had everything planned- at first he had the dreadlocks on his head, the little girl started to notice that something is off and suddenly he just dropped the dreadlocks on the floor-leaving his daughter in shock.

Father and daughter have always had a little competition about who has the longest hair- he tells her “Your hair is finally longer than mine” -looks like the six year old daughter’s finally winning.

The little girl was shocked at first and was just staring at her dad but obviously she liked the result, as she started laughing- still trying to get used to her dad’s new look.

Destiny Blackwell, her cousin, captured her little cousin’s reaction, on the 30 of June, at their home in New York. 

She said: “They have always compared whose hair was the longest- his dreads were always longer than her hair and her goal was to get her hair longer than his dreads. 

“Her dad has had the dreads for the past eight and a half years.

“He just like them, didn’t have any reason to cut them -He tied the dreads together making a knot to hold them all together.

“It was her first time EVER seeing her dad without dreads at all.