By Hayley Pugh

A dog lover has gone to great lengths to save his beloved pet – hiring a helicopter to take her to the vets more than 170 miles away.

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Mark Pearson, from East Yorkshire, was devastated to learn his pet dog, Ruby, was suffering from a life-threatening condition which saw her immune system attacking her brain.

The poorly pup, a black Cocker Spaniel, was originally being treated at Norwood Veterinary Group in Beverley but the practice referred her to another clinic for chemotherapy – The Animal Health Trust in Newmarket, Suffolk – which was a 354-mile round trip from Mark’s home.

At first the 51-year-old drove Ruby to and from appointments but soon became tired of the long journey and decided to splash out on hiring a helicopter – allowing Ruby to travel in style.

Pic From Caters News

The treatment alone has cost him a whopping £14,000 but Mark insists he would do it all over again for his beloved dog.

He said: “She was diagnosed just over two years ago and at first she had to be down there for two days every couple of weeks.

“Her immune system was attacking her brain causing her brain to expand.

“The chemotherapy helped stopped this and she was also on steroids to stop the swelling.

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“On a bad day the car journey used to take seven hours there and back but in the helicopter we could be there in 50 minutes.

“I would land at Newmarket Racecourse at 9am, she would have her treatment and we would be back home for midday.

“It has cost us a fortune but she’s worth it, she’s a little diamond.

“I reckon if you add up all the hours I’ve spent taking her back and forth I will have spent a month of my life dedicated to ferrying her around.”

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Ruby’s chemotherapy sessions were eventually dropped to two days every three weeks and then two days every four weeks.

She had her last session in November and has recovering at home since.