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 An abandoned dog has been found after a couple posted a video online of the owner dropping her off on the side of the road in front of their house. 

 Glenn and Beverly Blake, a retired couple, of Springfield, Missouri, USA, found the footage on their surveillance camera on Tuesday, June 10. 

 The clip shows a woman pulling up in an SUV, letting her dog out of the trunk and driving away as the Lab mix tries to chase after her. 

 Glenn posted the footage on social media and contacted the local authorities. 

 Less than an hour later, the Sheriff’s office located the pooch, who is now available for adoption with the organization Rescue One. 

 Glenn said: “The real heroes here are Deputy Turner and Rescue One.  I just called 911 and posted a video. 

 “The deputy made a great effort in horrible heat to find and locate the dog.  

 “The dog was exhausted and her paws were burned from walking on the hot pavement.”