Animals Video

By Randal Coombs

This incredibly nibble crawfish showed reflexes that would rival the England goalkeeper, Jordan Pickford, by catching a coin that was tossed at its body.

In the eye-opening footage, Trey Zartman films the crustacean in his sink before declaring, “What do you want? Do you want some money?”

Tossing a coin at the apparently motionless crawfish, Trey is then left stunned as the creature snaps the coin in between its claws.

The video was filmed on July 10, 2018, inside Trey’s garage, at his home in Florida.

Despite what some comments have stated on social media, Trey said he was not trying to hurt the crawfish, and he has been around the creatures before.

His intention was to release the animal from his sink – which he later did – and the idea of throwing a coin to the curstacean was an amusing video to send to his friends with a goofy voice; he did not expect the crawfish to catch the coin.

Trey said: ” This crawfish was absolutely not for eating – I wouldn’t find one randomly in my garage and eat it. 

“That is just gross and also I wouldn’t have the heart to kill it.

“I have not seen a crawfish catch anythingbefore, but I have seen pictures of them holding stuff, like one image of a crawfish holding a pencil in the air.

“About half an hour after filming it, I released it around some stagnant water near my backyard.”