Life Video

By Ben Walley

A couple decided to record their sons’ reaction to their pregnancy announcement-for their seventh baby- and indeed their expressions were priceless. 

The three boys were hilariously not happy about their parents’ news- The one in the middle who expressed his views on his parents’ news by “Oh my God, your factory is closed” while his brother said: “I was praying you wouldn’t say this”. 

Mom Eileen Garcia, a property management and dad Abraham Garcia, a maintenance man are originally from Bronx but moved to West Bend Wisconsin with their big family.

They have six children, Abraham Jr, 21, a factory worker, Adrien , 18, Aaron, 16, Allen , 14, Aden , 10 and Aiyana, 7. 

At the moment of the pregnancy announcement, only three of them are present Aaron, Allen and Aden- the video was shot in June during a family ride.

Eileen said: “I had a feeling that would be their reaction-The older boys have moaned the last two times we had a baby saying that we have too many and that we are too old to have any more children.

“It was so funny hearing their reactions when we first told them. 

 “They think we should have procedures done so that we can’t have kids anymore

“That is what they were saying again in the car when we told them about baby number 7.

“They are angry about it now and probably will be right up until the baby is born.

“When the baby arrives, I know for a fact that all of them will no longer care and will love their new sibling so much and will all help look after it.