Video Viral

By Helen Le Caplain

This is the shocking moment a furious road rage driver risked causing an accident when he slammed on in the outside lane of a motorway and flipped the bird – just to annoy a biker.

Brett Mullineaux was riding his motorbike down the M62 near Greater Manchester at 7.30am last month when the smartly-dressed Audi A6 Quattro driver indicated and moved into the outside lane in front of him.


In head cam footage a frustrated Brett can be seen throwing his arm up in annoyance, seemingly provoking the ‘idiotic’ man behind the wheel of the £46K luxury motor.

The enraged driver appears to shout obscenities and stick up his middle finger while ‘brake-checking’ twice – manoeuvres Brett claims could have killed him.

Brett from Radcliffe, Greater Manchester, said: “It was as if he was braking to try to cause an accident, there was no reason for it all.

“That really got my back up, there was absolutely no reason to come into that lane – he was not due to overtake. It was like ‘he’s a bike let’s get in front of him’.

“The footage shows just how easily I could have ended up dead, because of some idiot pulling a stupid stunt.

“That’s why I went to go around him as he slammed his brakes on, I just wanted to get away.”


Commercial body repairer Brett said he regularly witnesses driver becoming enraged over minor issues on the road.

The 46-year-old dad of two said: “It’s amazing how quickly he got so angry. I sometimes amuse myself watching people going mad but this was dangerous.

“I was in the outside lane doing around 55mph – as some of that stretch of road has a speed restriction.

“He seems to pull out and indicate at the same time, I just thought ‘what the hell was that?’

“As soon as he pulled out you see him pull in front of rear window sticking his finger up then braking.

“I shared the footage as I wanted people to see what idiotic moves people pull on the roads.

“After he did that I rode off and left him sat there on the motorway.”