Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

 The amusing dog cannot hide his excitement when his favourite show comes up- so he ‘sings along’ the theme song.

 This little guy is a fan of the ‘Office’- and gets excited every time he catches is on the TV.

 Amber Morris, a Law student, captured the hilarious moment of her dog, Harvey, on June 26, at her apartment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

 Harvey is a year old Jack Chi, which means he is a mix of Jack Russel and Chihuahua.

 Apparently Harvey had never howled at the tune of ‘The Office’- or any other shows- it was the one and only time.

 Amber said: “Harvey has never done this before the video I captured, but now he does it every time the theme song comes on.

 “I have to mute it so I don’t disturb the neighbours. He learned how to howl but only does so on occasion- unless I’m watching The Office, apparently.

 “Every day, I come home and turn The Office on in the background while I cook dinner, clean the apartment, etc.-I have had Harvey for a year and he’s never howled at the theme song before.

“When he started to howl, I rewound the episode to the beginning and started filming.

“I thought it was absolutely hilarious and adorable that he was in key at one point.

 “I had to cut off the end so we didn’t disrupt the neighbours, because he was howling so loudly.”