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By Katy Gill and Nicolas Fernandes

A heartbroken mum who suffers from PTSD and extreme anxiety after her baby was stillborn has found solace thanks to a reborn doll.

Taylor Kellie, of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, received a doll resembling her stillborn baby free of charge from Aliyah’s Reborn World.


The collector saw Taylor’s tear-jerking YouTube video in December in which she tells the story of her stillborn birth, and wanted to send her one.

The YouTube star, who is in her mid-twenties and currently 18-weeks pregnant, shared an emotional clip on July 1, unwrapping the reborn doll for the first time.

Breaking down in tears, she held the figure that resembles her deceased son Jaxx – a mere seven months after the traumatic experience.

PIC BY ALYSSA KELLERT PHOTOGRAPHY / CATERS NEWS: Taylor and her newborn son, Jaxx, who was stillborn

During her battle with PTSD and anxiety, which started following the birth, Taylor would walk around her house holding a teddy bear wrapped up in a blanket.

She now keeps the doll in Jaxx’s nursery and goes into the room every day or two to hold him as a way of calming her anxiety.

She said: “I didn’t see the message for about four months after she had sent it, but when I opened it I couldn’t contain my excitement. I couldn’t believe someone would do something so kind and selfless.


“They had seen photos of Jaxx from my YouTube videos and chose a doll that looked similar to him.

“I made the video to help spread awareness for other parents who have lost a child, whether it be through miscarriage, stillbirth or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

“Many people think the dolls are ‘creepy,’ but they need to realize that there are some incredible therapeutic benefits from them.

“I go into the nursery by myself and just hold the doll. I’ll walk around the room with him in my arms, looking through my son’s things and it just brings me absolute joy and serenity.

“The doll is not a replacement for my son whatsoever. It is still just a doll. The weight of it is the biggest therapeutic benefit for me.”