By Mikey Jones

A pet owner snapped this hilarious pic of his cheeky dog hidden in plain sight in his garden – but can you see where he is?

Snapped by 37-year-old Mike Simcox from Birmingham, UK, the pictures show his faithful pooch, Eddie – an 11-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is nervous and shy – hiding during a thunderstorm.

Mike Simcox / CATERS NEWS

At first glance, the black hound is completely invisible to the naked eye with only his eyes standing out at closer inspection.

Eddie said: “Although he is a Staffie, he can be quite nervous and most of the time he has a slightly scared look on his face.

“He has an extreme dislike of loud noises, especially fireworks and thunder.

Mike Simcox / CATERS NEWS

“During storms in the past he has gone upstairs and hid in the shower cubicle.”

The photos were taken as Eddie attempted to seek shelter during a thunderstorm.

Mike said: “My mum and I were watering the garden when she spotted him peeping out from behind the flowers.

Mike Simcox / CATERS NEWS

“She said you should take a photo and see if people could spot him, so I did.

“There was a really threatening-looking cloud above me at the time so its possible Eddie could hear thunder and decided to hide, although why he decided to hide outside and not in the house I couldn’t say.”