By Jamie Smith

A buffalo was caught on camera at the exact moment a group of 15 lions attacked and drowned it – showing the brutality of nature in all its glory.

Pic by Marc Mol/Caters News

The buffalo was heading into a waterhole, when a pair of lionesses approached him, while more lions were coming closer.

Marc Mol, the photographer, captured the photos at Northern Serengeti’s, Tanzania during wet season, earlier this year.

Pic by Marc Mol/Caters News

He said: “My guide and I were most fortunate to witness the whole hunting sequence from start to finish.

“Initially there were just two lionesses stalking four buffalo – then they managed to isolate a single one and pounced on the helpless beast as his three comrades took off to higher ground.

Pic by Marc Mol/Caters News

“The buffalo sealed its own fate by heading to a waterhole, but the pair of lionesses soon overcame their inherent fear of water.

“With the assistance of the remaining 15 pride members, the drowning of their prey happened within 20 minutes – an unusually short time to finish the job.

Pic by Marc Mol/Caters News

“Quickly the alpha lioness literally ‘grabbed the bull by the horns’ and dragged him to solid ground where all the pride could join in and argue over who feed first.

“It was just an amazing sequence to witness.

Pic by Marc Mol/Caters News

“It showed the incredible adaptability of lions, to see them swimming and diving down rolling the buffalo over to drown him is something.

“It was a rare thing to see in the wild, just amazing!”