Life Video

By Bilal Kuchay

 This is the horrific moment, an Indian undergraduate student died after she was forced to jump off a building during a disaster preparedness drill in her college.

 Visuals show N Logeswari, 19, a second year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) student of Kovai Kalaimagal College of Arts and Science in Coimbatore in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, sitting on the ledge of the second floor of her college building and reluctant to jump.

 However, the trainer identified as R Arumugam, who stood behind her on the ledge can be seen nudging and pushing her.

 Though students were standing on the ground with a safety net to help her land but she banged her head against the sunshade on the first floor before landing into the net, suffering serious injuries on her head and neck.

A local police officer, Thangam, said: “The girl had serious injuries on her head and right neck.”

Logeswari was immediately rushed to Coimbatore government Medical College, where doctors declared her brought dead.

Police has registered a case into the fatal incident and has taken the trainer into the custody.

 Thangam said: “We have taken the trainer into custody and are investigating the case.”

 The drill was conducted by the National Disaster Management Authority of India.

Before Logeswari, at least five students had jumped off the second floor and landed safely on the net.

The state’s High Education Minister, KP Anbalagan, said an inquiry will be conducted, and action will be taken against those found guilty.