Animals Video

 By Chanel Livesey

 This hungry squirrel got its head into a Donald Trump shaped feeder making it look like he had the President’s head.

 Drew Eldridge captured the moment the inquisitive rodent went searched for nuts in the custom-made carrier on July 11.

 Reaching into the feeder at Signal Mountain, Tennessee, USA, the squirrel holds on for dear life as the POTUS shaped receptacle swings in circles.

 Drew said: “Unfortunately anything political can draw the ire of some. 

 “Even nonsensical humour like this, it’s a sign of the times.  I am personally not political at all, so I just take it for what it is.

 “Hopefully everyone can take this for what it is, stupid humour. 

“Just 90 seconds that you cant get back, but don’t really want to.”