Offbeat Video

By David Aspinall

 A boatload of passengers went flying as their raft hit some choppy river rapids.

 As a tour traversed the wild waters of the Ocoee River, Tennessee, USA, on July 9, their dinghy was buffeted from all sides.

 Hitting a particularly hard wave at Hell’s Hole, one passenger goes flying out of the side before seconds later being followed by the remaining tourists who are flipped over.

 Will Phillips, from the tour company Ocoee Rafting, said: “I went to Hell’s Hole because so many boats have been flipping there lately.

 “I was hoping to see a flip or some kind of carnage and was not disappointed. 

 “No one was hurt. 

 “Normally, Hell’s Hole does not normally result in flips or people falling out, but this year, there have been a much greater number of rafts flipping in this rapid.”