Life Video

By Charlotte Regen 

A dog has been trained by his owner to look out for her oncoming panic attacks by detecting changes in her behaviour. 

Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Amber Oliver, from Massachusetts, taught her dog five-year-old, Oakley, to pick up on changes to her body temperature, breathing and heart rate and alert her that she may be about to suffer a panic attack. 

The footage filmed at Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky International Airport shows the task-trained service dog comforting his owner by rubbing against her legs and getting her attention. 

Amber said: ” Oakley helps me every single day. Oakley is always watching and paying attention to me making sure to help me whenever needed. 

“He is task trained to alert to changes in my breathing, heart rate and to watch for signs of an oncoming panic attack. 

“He is also trained to find the Exit of buildings, guide me through and out of crowds, and many other tasks. 

“Luckily, because of Oakley, I did not have a full on panic attack and after a few minutes, I am able to come out of it and take the time needed to recover. 

“Oakley will help get me out of these “panic” moments by continuing to nudge me, lay his body across my lap, and push my hands away from my face.” 

Amber trained Oakley herself and takes him along to training workshops up and down the country. 

She said: “Watching his trained behavior turn into a natural reaction in the video was just beautiful. 

“Oakley is a really talented boy and has even been a dog-actor in film and commercials.

“I hope people can truly see the love we share for each other through this short intimate moment.”