Video Viral

By Curtis Mitchell

An absolutely scary moment for this man was captured on camera- he almost got off an overpass while riding his motorbike. 

Thankfully the man came out alive, with a few injuries- but clearly in shock.

Lavar Mckiernan was riding his motorbike with his friend, at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport earlier this month and filming their ride. 

A dangerous turn made his friend lose the control and fall while Lavar watched the entire thing.

He quickly got off his bike and ran to his friend, to make sure he was alright- the man was very lucky-  was even able to walk.

Lavar said: “He broke his collar bone, four ribs, hand and shoulder blade- the rest was road rash. 

“The total damage cost was quite expensive.

“He went into the turn with a female rider out of the outside target, he fixated into the wall, flew up off the bike almost off the freeway.

“By some miracle he landed back on his bike, hit the wall again and that’s when he was ejected.  

“I was terrified I honestly. It was the scariest moment in my life, watching my friend almost go over a freeway wall to his death.

“A miracle happened and kept him alive.

“ I will never ride this road again,  no way.”