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tourist kiss whale

By Charles Wade-Palmer

This unbelievable footage shows one lucky tourist kissing a young whale on the nose.

The video was shot by Todos Santos Eco Adventures owners, Bryan Batson Jáuregui, and her husband, Sergio Jáuregui who have offered Whale Watching trips in Baja, Mexico since 2012.

Bryan was as stunned as everyone else on the boat trip when she saw the curious Whale astonishingly pop out of the water for a pat and a kiss.

Bryan said: “It’s amazing that the Whales wanted to come to the boats, it’s particularly amazing that they bring their babies to us.

Pic from Caters News

“They love being touched but to see one get close enough to be kissed is really remarkable.

“This Whale will have done this because he was very curious and interested in his first sight of humans.”

Swimming with Dolphins may not be out of the ordinary but how many people can say they have exchanged a friendly smooch with a Whale out at sea?

Whale watching is just one of the experiences provided by Todos Santos Eco Adventures in the beautiful Baja California Sur with other trips ranging from mountain biking to stargazing.

Pic from Caters News

Bryan said: “The whales migrate 600 miles down from the waters of Alaska and give birth  here when they’re at their most relaxed, it’s like a holiday in the lagoon for them.

“You cannot make a 20 ton mammal do anything it doesn’t want to do.

“The Whales were hunted here in the 1850s and it became so bad that the lagoon turned red with their blood.

“Since protective laws came in, the relationship between Whale and human at the lagoon has transformed.

“They’re obviously extremely intelligent creatures, I’d love to know what they’re trying to tell us.”