Nature Video

By Andrew Kao and Nicolas Fernandes

Honeymooners who headed out on romantic sunrise hike were blown away after their peaceful moment was interrupted by volcanic activity.

Nick Tsotakos, 31, was on a tour through Bali, Indonesia, with his new wife Ashley Chu, 29, on July 2 filming the stunning pink morning sky on the final day of their trip.

The loved-up pair were shocked when they witnessed that Mount Angung erupted twice within 20 minutes, with the 31-year-old capturing the second outburst in which ash shot 2,500 metres into the air.

This was the volcano’s fourth series of eruptions in less than two years.

PIC FROM Caters News

Prior to September 2017, it had been dormant since 1963.

Nick, of Washington, DC, USA, said: “We were very surprised, but it was cool to see.

“It was the first eruption I’d ever seen. I did expect it to be faster and glowy, but it was still very interesting.

“Truthfully we hoped our return flight would be cancelled so we could have stayed a little longer.

“It was so unusual that even our driver stopped to take a selfie with the explosion.”